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Who we are

RUIR.COM is an international project aiming to collect and analyze prices for goods and services. Using our service, you can find the seller of a product or service that you are interested in almost anywhere around the world. Unlike many other similar projects, we provide our clients with:

A wide range of goods and services - 26 categories, more than 10,000 types of goods, with a daily growing catalog.

Advanced search engine: - Clarify the exact geography of the search - up to the city, district or even sector on the map. - Does the product have key parameters that interest you? Then choose them from those offered by us or write in, what is important for you!

We save your time. Why spend hours of your time searching on dozens of different sites? We have already searched for you and presented the result in a convenient, compact form.

Are you an advanced user who often monitors prices on the market and wants to receive regular update? Especially for you, we have developed an additional service - the Order of Market Analysts. These and many other features will be available soon at RUIR.COM!

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